About myself

Indian born Australian Citizen with 12 years’ global IT experience & then after, solid manufacturing experience since year 2010.

Been employee since 1999 and employer in my career since year 2010.

Exposure of 19 different companies from 4 different countries – America (Bethleham PA), Australia (ACT, Adelaid, Sydney), India (Mumbai, Pune) & Japan (Tokyo)

Worked on entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as IT professional & entire Business Development Life Cycle (BDLC) as a manufacturer & business owner

Served private as well as public sectors from local start up companies, Small & Medium Enterprises to International Giants

Worked as IT Professional with respectable & large sized clients :
Optus, Department of Planning, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, IP-Australia, NSW-Police, Amway International, PCA Life, Guardian LIC, ICICI Prudential & NIIT.

Gained domain exposures in E-commerce, Insurance, Banking, Telecommunication, Law enforcement (Police), Intellectual Property, Plastics manufacturing

Have lead teams/modules, estimated, designed, developed Monolithic, Client/Server, EAI (Integration), Web-based, Portal, Voice-based, CRM based (Sales Force), Front-end, Back-end, Middle-ware applications.

Played roles of Lab instructor, teacher, corporate trainer, software engineer, computer programmer, j2ee developer, business analyst, application designer, SQA, team leader, module leader, project leader, consultant, business administrator, manager & business owner

Worked with Indians, Australians, North Americans, South Americans, Chinese, Vietnamese, British, Spanish, Irish, Ethiopians, Russians, Ukrainians, Shrilankans, Japanese, Malaysians, West Africans, South Africans & Lebanese.

Books read –

Space Exploration Encyclopedia (British Library), Java Certification Study Guide, Java Complete Reference, Schaum’s Series C++, Wings of Fire (Autobiography of APJ Kalam), Ignited Minds (APJ Kalam), Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2000 & UML, Practice of an Agile Developer (Venkat Subramaniam & Andy Hunt), Made in Japan (Autobiography of Akio Morita), The Google Story (David A. Vise), The Monk who sold his ferrari (Robin Sharma), Business Analysis (Paul, Yeates, Cadle), The Lombardi Rules (Vince Lombardi Jr.), The Welch Way (Jeffrey A. Frames), The One Minute Manager (Kenneth Blanchard, Spencer Johnson), Who moved my chese (Specner Johnson), Simplifying Financial Jargons (CNBC TV18), The power of NOW (Ekhart Tolle), Vishwakarma Puraan, Surya Puraan, Bhagvad Gita (5 times), Adhyatma Ramayana (twice) & Upanishads. Tulsi krut RamCharit Manas (Twice), Yajurved Darshan (Bhandev), Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki). Master Stroke (The business today team).

Book Written –

  1. ||Corporate Shatak | The Mindset|| www.corporateshatak.com
  2. ||Corporate Shatak | Dream Employee|| www.corporateshatak.com

Education Acquired – 

  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences, Mumbai University, India
  • Graduation in Systems Management GNIIT (3 years) from NIIT Ltd. India [https://www.niit.com/india/]
  • Diploma in Plastic Engineering from Indian Plastic Institute, Mumbai, India [http://www.ipiindia.org/]

Certifications Earned – 

  • Microsoft Certified Professional in C++ using MFC
  • Sun Certified Java2 Programmer
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer
  • Brain Bench Certified in JSP1.2IBM
  • Certified in OOAD-UML-486Brain Bench
  • Certified in Java2 Fundamentals
  • IKM J2EE Online Assessment Test(Higher Distinction Twice)
  • AutoCAD 2010 (2D) – CADD Centre, Mumbai
  • Level-1 Balbodh – Sanskrit – Bharatiya Vidyabhavan, Mumbai
  • Level-2 Prarambha – Sanskrit – Bharatiya Vidyabhavan, Mumbai

Training / Workshops attended – 

•    Vignette Portal/JSR 286–(Open Text, North Sydney)
•    Sales force – Cloud Computing (Hilton, CBD-Sydney)
•    Six Sigma Overview (Australian Computer Society, CBD-Sydney)
•    Voice XML / Voice Grammar (Nuance OpenSpeech University, USA)
•    Requirements using Use cases (Computer Society of India, Mumbai)
•    OOAD using UML with Rational Rose (IBM Rational, Bangalore, India)
•    Requirements Management with Requisite Pro (IBM Rational, Bangalore)
•    CORBA/J2EE (6 months – KarROX Institute, Mumbai, India)
•    Oracle, D2K Forms/Reports (4 months – Concourse Institute, Mumbai)
•    ISO-9001:2000 (Comsoft Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India)
•    SQA-CMMi5 (Patni Computers System Ltd., India)
•    Software Effort Estimation using FPA (Patni Computers System Ltd., India)
•    Insurance functional (Patni Computers System Ltd., India)
•    Banking functional (Patni Computers System Ltd., India)

•    Motivational Guru, Mr. Santosh Nair’s Smmart Trainings (http://www.smmart.co.in)

  1. Winning in Uncertain Times 
  2. Why do Entrepreneurs Miss the Bus
  3. Responsibility Multiplier
  4. Distinct Fortẻ
  5. Opportunity Multiplier
  6. Time Multiplier
  7. Life Maximization
  8. Team Multiplier
  9. T.I.G.E.R.


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – SSSA, Jani Plastics [www.janiplastics.com], Mumbai

Goods & Service Tax (GST) – Chambers of Small Industry Associations (COSIA), Mumbai

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