Why can’t we see God?

Enquirer: Is realization as good as seeing God?
Teacher: Realization is a confirmation to the possible manifestation.

Enquirer: Is it possible to see Him?
Teacher: Some saints in India are believed to have seen God as we see each other around. It is general that we get what we really want sooner or later. Will power drives everything.

Enquirer: How to see God?
Teacher: When wisdom is applied on logic, the logic transforms into faith, which is first step to the realization of God. You worship God by all means with faith in your heart all your life until one fine day you are ready to give up everything to see Him. This is the beautiful moment when God appears before you.

Enquirer: Why do we have to give up everything to see God?
Teacher: You don’t have to. God has given immeasurable size of Universe playground for you to enjoy. And He waits for infinite time for you. When you want pleasure from mundane world not anymore, you turn introvert in search of true happiness. It is the level of your preparedness you are ready to reach to. Your self respect, self dignity forces you to have a want to see something which you have been worshiping your whole life. When this want reaches it’s paramount state, you are blessed with God’s appearance.

Enquirer: How to have wisdom?
Teacher: Wisdom comes to a mature mind. Pure mind matures faster. The distractions around us makes it more & more difficult to keep the mind clean. Therefore it becomes necessary to work continuously to work on it. Best way is to make lifestyle itself (such as traditional Indian lifestyle) in such a way that assist you to reach your goal.

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