Solving the ultimate puzzle!

Creation is not possible without Samkalpa (unshakable willpower).  Only Chaitanya (pure consciousness) can possess the willpower. Therefore consciousness must have existed even before Universe was created. Being time integral part of this universe, this consciousness is beyond time & hence unborn. Universal law says: Who is born dies indeed. Hence this consciousness is immortal. Since it created everything out of nothing, it holds the absolute pure potential hence it’s almighty.  For almighty, there is not even a thin line of difference between His will & the creation. Hence this universe is His solid imagination. But there is no reason for Him to do all this.  Things don’t exist without the reason. Hence what (world) we perceive is nothing but Maya (illusion) like a dream. It can never be completely comprehended or understood. Maya is neither real nor unreal. As there is no point in attaching self to it, it can’t be ignored either. Like if you are in dream, dying of hunger, you will die indeed. You are not dead only when you completely wake from it. How to stay attached yet detached at the same time! This is the real puzzle.

Answer is Lotus (in pond yet not wet by it’s water).  When you let go of the desire of fruits of the tasks you perform, you can detach yourself from the bondage.

But to many, this practice may seem to cause lack of motivation in every task they do. Resulting in a barrier to achieve excellency in daily work. Which means to have left behind in today’s competing world. Not good. Definitely not something that will bring happiness. After all, we all do work to make our self happy. Nothing bad here. But our ignorance plays a little devil here. Ignorance clouds us from seeing our true Self. We have restricted ourselves by thinking it as our body, senses, mind, intellect & ego. Senses by nature are always outward quickly adapting & demanding for more. Ever growing Ego knows no limits. Mind is highly volatile. Body is deteriorating as ever.  And our intellect always needs some direction. And because we don’t see the truth, we think that we are not happy unless we satisfy all of them. Trying to satisfy all this is like entering a never ending loop. And we keep on & on till the last moment.

The solution lies in wisdom to know our true Self, the same Consciousness. The One & only. This is about getting Spiritual. The whole science of Spirituality is to become free from the process where you mortgage your happiness to the outside situations. Meditation can make you experience the true Self, once you have mastered at calming down your body, senses & mind.

However, there lies a risk in thinking of our self as almighty. Ego can take over even without you have realized. Intellect can get misguided & results could be catastrophic. Therefore practice humbleness, kneel & bow down before the almighty to minimise your ego & surrender your intellect to His will by keeping faith in Him. Worship Him with all your knowledge & with all that you’ve got in order to earn His divine Grace. Because regardless of how hard you try, only His Grace will bring the real happiness in your life.

Journey doesn’t end with this knowledge but begins. As ancient Chinese proverb goes: “Before englightenment chop wood carry water, after englightenment chop wood carry water”. The only difference is, you don’t work to achieve happiness, but find happiness in you first & then work.

Anup Jani.

One thought on “Solving the ultimate puzzle!

  1. very nice . I was watching the SHRIKRISHNA recently and I heard the nice Quotes from the shree Krishna in the Geeta updesh.

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