Understanding of Matrix

If you have read Indian holy Gita, you will find many similarities. In fact, Matrix is Modern way to convey the message of essence sung by God Himself in Shri Gita. Leo Tolstoy (one of the greatest Novelist of all times) danced with Gita on his head repenting why the heck did he not come across this great scripture before.

This SCI-FI movie that talks about AI (Artificial Intelligence) taking over humans in far future, is the beautiful code that could be understood only in its metaphorical terms with a broader perspective.  Put aside your urge for inclination towards all dramatic stunts & special effects for a moment & try to think out of the box. Let’s first assume these metaphors to see if it makes some sense.


Architect: You who constantly try to achieve perfection.

Matrix: Your Mind which has projection that is full of illusions where nothing is real.

AI: Your intellect. Agents represent the AI in matrix.

Humans: Your Heart (not in literal sense) which is full of emotions & qualities such as devotion, love, faith, belief & sacrifice that are beyond the logic & that even AI (who things of himself as superior) lacks. That’s the reason why Architect can’t see past the choices he makes. And that’s why the need to see beyond.

Frustrated by failures, Architect develops a vision (Oracle) that appreciates human qualities & hence sees beyond in order to achieve perfection.

Zion: Human body (collection of life).

Neo: Your Self. Whoever cares about the truth becomes the chosen one. Rest of all are just some or the other than Neo. Only chosen one seeks the answer.

The One: The Consciousness. Self eventually realizes it.

Smith: Your self: The Ego (mirror of the Self). He wants to get out of Matrix. Smith itself is a construct of Matrix & how can he be free from it? But he dislikes this compulsion. This clearly tells that he is ignorant. Being ignorant he’s directionless & therefore always malfunctions. He must disappear.

Ignorance: The real anomaly that is inherent into the Matrix program (Mind) which needs to be corrected.

Both (Neo & Smith) want to be free. That is the connection that drives them. But there is a difference. Because of Smith’s definition of freedom being different from that of Neo, Smith wants to be free from any kind of Compulsion. On the other hand, Neo doesn’t care about that. He wants freedom from the question that drives him crazy. He believes that only by finding the answer he can be free.

What question?
What is truth? It’s the question. Neo is restless & seeks the only thing throughout.

Another difference between Neo & Smith: Neo is guided by Oracle’s advice. As if Self guided by the Vision. Smith on the other hand, tries to forcefully steal the Vision (eyes of oracle).

Another difference: Smith is not ready to give himself up even though he wishes to see beyond. Neo, in the end is prepared to even give himself up.

Fear is another thing that makes them distinct. Neo is not afraid. Smith is afraid. Both seek freedom but only chosen one becomes the worthy of ultimate purpose.

What purpose?
Purpose is to achieve eternal happiness. In the end, Neo achieves Nirvana (the ultimate peace, the real happiness). The golden code that Neo sees is the enlightenment that he attains. He is physically blind but is still able to see. That’s because of his “inner eyes”. Truth is seen only with inner eyes. And that too only when he reaches the level where he is ready to let go of his Love. Love, again a rare highest quality in front of which (for Neo) nothing else matters. Remember Neo told Ramakandra at the train station that he would give up everything for his love?

Earlier versions of Neo hadn’t developed this kind of specific Love. That’s why re-incarnations.

Merovingian: (one of the earlier ones) is kind of characterless departed one. Very powerful yet immoral. The one who perhaps cared for neither Trinity (specific love) nor the people (generic love). And therefore he gets downgraded.

Oracle, while examining Neo in her first meeting, is happy to see that Neo’s in love. And she believes that this love would take him to highest point against all odds, (odds as in the ultimate defence system of machine city). This gives her a hope that he is really worthy of walking on the path. The path, that leads to the truth.

And what is truth?
Truth is the (Pure) Consciousness, THE ONE that is finally realized when calmed down everything else. When wars end between mind, body, heart & intellect so that they start to learn to live in harmony: When Ego is beaten down & disappeared: When highest qualities such as love are also sacrificed & left behind on the quest of truth: When one who has sacrificed anything & everything & yet stands: That is the state of perfection where Neo achieves Nirvana, the ultimate peace, the eternal real happiness. This is the golden code of the One. And this realization is the truth by attaining which Neo (Now the One) attains the real freedom.

Why war?
War between Matrix & Zion is like conflicts between intellect & emotions. The cause is ignorance which was the real anomaly. Except for the consciousness, nothing else is perfect. Neither mind nor body neither intelligence nor heart. As long as ignorance (anomaly) lies in the Mind (Matrix), there is a constant conflict (war) between heart (humans) & intellect (agents). And Ego (the victim of ignorance) is so pervaded (duplicate Smiths) in the mind that it causes the ultimate mental block which is not acceptable to you (Architect). And as you stand helpless, now the real problem is Ego.

Self comes to the rescue. But the deal is first to calm down emotions & intellect. Thank (machine) God for agreeing for “peace” & relying on the Self to solve the matter.

The ultimate fight between the Ego & the Self within the mind (Matrix)
Self (though at times is weak) is not giving up till the time when Ego realizes one truth that “Everything that has beginning has an end.” Even he was constructed in mind & therefore even he has to die. Smith is afraid of death. Self is not because all left of him is Self. This is the time when Neo reckons that Ego is ready to die & he then “chooses” to give up the fight. As he gives up, Smith childishly kills Neo in Matrix. As he kills Neo, this serves the purpose of Smith. And Smith object is no more required therefore deleted as per the Matrix rules.

So you see! Matrix is nothing but about the journey of Self to unite with the pure Consciousness.

When the Matrix Revolutions is ended, a careful viewer must have noticed a chanting of mantra:

This shloka is originally from one of the ancient & oldest Indian sacred scripture which means:

Lead me from the asat (unreal) to the sat (real).
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality.

(Brhadaranyaka Upanishad – I.iii.28)

Refer to this site for hearing the mantra.

Anup Jani
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6 thoughts on “Understanding of Matrix

  1. wonderfull. I liked matrix movie very much and probably 7-8 times. Also read many articles, this one is one of the best of. Very well recommanded. Keep writing,we love to read good articles. All the best

  2. perfect meaning you’ve got!
    There is no doubt that this was the real understanding behind the trilogy.
    keep up good work.
    would like to see more stuff like this from you!

    • Thanks Nimish.
      That’s outcome of my numerous waking nights sitting like dumb in front of my computer making & re-making notes & diagrams over several years & doing very serious thinking on this. I hope it solves the puzzles in minds of many such people like me & you. Glad you liked it. Thanks for your comments.

  3. I thought I was the only one who interpreted matrix (maya) the way I did. I am finding more and more people now who think the same. It was a very clever movie. Its not just sci-fi but if you go deeper, you could appreciate it at different levels.

    Theres lots of concepts of Christianity and Judaism as well that are used in the matrix. Read elsewhere on the internet…

    — Sunil

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