Employee – Good, Bad & Ugly

Employee Characteristics Good Bad & Ugly
 1 Excellent (written & verbal) communication. Poor communication.
 2 Technologically inclined. Money oriented.
 3 Equipped with knowledge, skills & talents. Equipped with company politics, small evil techniques & unnecessary contingencies.
 4 Down to Earth.  Egotist
 5 Go-Getter, Do it now, Do Gooder, Burn midnight oil, Run that extra mile. It’s not my job, pay me & I’ll do it, Not coming on week-ends
 6 Takes the ownership of the problem statement / task assigned. Avoids owning the problem
 7 Takes up responsibility for failures. Blames others for failures.
 8 Runs away from appreciations. Is appreciation hungry.
 9 Is initiative taking & proactive. Refrains from initiations & avoids being proactive.
 10 Always willing to give something extra to the company free of cost. Always willing to charge company for anything (time / effort) given extra.
 11 Considers himself as imperfect individual no matter how grown up. Feels himself as perfect & looks at self as flawless (or with very few flaws) individual.
 12 Feels guilty wasting his & company’s time while at work. Doesn’t value own time as well as company’s time.
 13 Feels proud for his company. Often curses his company.
 14 He feels sorry to leave his company. He feels sorry being an employee of the company.
 15 Doesn’t want to know anything about company politics. Often interested in some or other company politics.
 16 Says: More replace-able you are, more promotable you are. Says: Less replace-able you are, more important you are.
 17 Job is more of a “Career to build on”. Job is more of a “Bread earner & Future securer”.
 18 Shells out money from his own pocket for doing external certifications & trainings. Expects company to sponsor him for doing his certifications & trainings.
 19 Offers commitment. Demands guarantee.
 20 Salary is secondary to learning, skills & technical upgradations for him. Salary is primary to learning, skills & technical upgradations for him.
 21 Believes in improving self all the time. Expects company to change according to him.
 22 Believes in bringing profit to the company N times more than what he gets as salary, & works accordingly & expects nothing in return. Hardly does extra work. And immediately expects promotion salary-wise / designation-wise for every extra work done.
 23 Clear vision matching & well aligned with company’s goals. Vision often clouded with doubts, suspicions & fears.
 24 Looks at seniors respectfully as mentors & treats likewise. Treats seniors respectfully as mentors & but looks otherwise.
 25 Compares his own performance with other peek performers within the company. Compares his own salary with that of highly paid colleagues.
 26 Is Other-centric Is Self-Centric
 27 Eyes focused on excellence. Eyes focused on perks, promotion & salary hikes.
 28 Always sees opportunity in every problem. Always sees problems in every opportunity.
 29 Looks at HR department as a friend. Looks at HR department as an enemy.
 30  Creator. Complainer.
 31 Grows with the company. Retards company’s progress or causes hick-ups.
 32 Avoids Email wars. Always ready for any kind of Email war.
 33 Open & friendly. Gets along. Secretive, reserved & unfriendly.
 34 Generously imparts knowledge by training people within the company. Avoids giving training. On contrary, expects company to train him.
 35  Upgrades. Doesn’t upgrade / Downgrades.
 36 Hyper active when on bench period. Bench period means hibernation for him.
 37 Rocks the boat in the middle of the sea. Looks for new challenges. Status Quo is his comfort zone. And always seeks comforts.
 38 Judges own performance. Judges the company, the boss & HR.
 39 Accepts & adapts to the company culture immediately. Hardly adapts to & accepts the company culture.
 40 Leaves the decision of his promotion to boss / HR department totally. Expects promotions from HR / Boss frequently.
 41 Not scared to talk his heart out to his seniors. Scared & suspicious about talking what’s on his mind.
 42 Is introvert yet uplifting. Is introvert but downfalling.
 43 Cheerful & innocent almost all the time. Often suspicious & dull most of the time.
 44 Feels guilty if delivered less. Tries to make boss / company feel guilty if his efforts are not appreciated.
 45 Maintains professional integrity to his best. Doesn’t care about professional integrity.
 46 Company feels sorry to leave him. Company always looks for a chance to kick him out (of course, in a polite & professional way).
 47 Entrepreneur by nature demonstrating his creativity. Slave / laborer by nature waiting to be directed by someone else.
 48 Liked by all. Dis-liked by good employees.
 49 All this goodness reflects like a perfume in his personality & profile. All this badness & ugliness smells fishey from his personality against the nice profile portrayed in resume. (This is the reason why interviewers want to see candidate in person, to avoid mis-judgement).
 50 People (Boss, team, colleagues, seniors & subordinates) find him easily approachable & are happy to meet him every time. People feel like avoiding to approach him unless utmost necessary. And they often regret their meeting with him.


  1. anupjani
    Posted July 12, 2014 at 5:54 am | Permalink | Reply

    Having spent considerable time in the corporate world, I gather my understanding of a Good Employee Vs. Bad / Ugly.
    Comments welcome.

  2. Posted July 17, 2014 at 3:44 am | Permalink | Reply

    By Employer perception 100% but as employee perception ?

    • anupjani
      Posted July 19, 2014 at 2:41 am | Permalink | Reply

      Then it would be a separate Blog on “Good Employer Vs Bad Employer”. :))
      I’m sure you’ll find heaps of books already that will guide you to become a good manager, CEO or boss.

      I have been employee (12 yrs) as well as employer (4 yrs).
      It would be employer’s worst nightmare if she starts changing according to employees because every employee has 60 thousand different thoughts in a day & there are 100s of employees in the company. And she has to run the company of 100 employees, right?

      You see! A good employee is hardly worried about “Employer’s DOs & DON’Ts”. Instead, he wisely chooses to advance, make his own way from given limited access to time, space, work, & resources without interfering much into employer’s business.

      After all the company has given an employee:
      1. The identity using which he affirms his recognition in the society.
      2. The (office/factory) “space”, to live in for 8 hours of his daily life.
      3. The “access” to company’s resources (tools, stationary, computer, coffee machine, phone, table, meeting rooms, etc…) otherwise that Security would not let external person enter the company premises in the first place.
      4. The “team” to work with, without which you are lonely, watching T.V. at home.
      5. The “work”, without which you are jobless & in a deep Sh*t.
      6. The bread & butter which is basic life support system for you & your family.
      7. Most importantly, the “opportunity” to hone / upgrade your excellence (skills / knowledge & talents).

      Ultimately, “To judge your employer” is not part of your “Job description”. Correct?

      And I’m sure if an employee adheres to most of these guidelines, sooner or later, employer WILL acknowledge back with appreciation but then again a good employee doesn’t expect appreciation.

      However, still if you disagree, you are welcome to state any point with good reasoning.

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