Significance of Certifications

I was once asked a question upfront by an HR manager looking at my qualification & an array of certifications done, in an interview for a job role in a respectable company: “Why Certifications?” Of course I didn’t have enough time & thoughts at that moment to answer in an elaborated manner nevertheless, “I managed” & that was then.

Ever wondered the difference between “a human-kite” & an “air-plane”? These human-kites do not have own engines for takeoff & require external support system / a little running & jumping from the peak. Once took-off, it glides smoothly with help of air / wind. Some people believe just taking off in the air (entering the market) is enough & the market-wind (experience) will make him glide. True. But this is not what you want. You want higher pay scale, higher positions & that too quicker. Kite has limitations. It can fly you only with limited speed at a very limited height. And when wind turns unfavorable or low, your flight is compromised. Their career & life is hampered to greater extent because their flight is dependent totally on the wind only. They do not have any other driving force of their own. They often blame on the market & give excuses of recession for their jobless situation. It is not the case with air-planes because they’ve got their own independent engines to boost their speed. They reach to the altitude where human-kites are outclassed in every way.

You see –

Writing certification exams is the self initiated process where you proactively put yourself to the test. Testing your limits tells you where you stand. In other words; if you fail, you lose nothing but many wrong self generated impressions & ideas you unfortunately once had about yourself & that makes you much, MUCH lighter. Isn’t that a good thing? On the other hand, if you pass, you excel & already reap following benefits.

  1. Proves that you are familiar with underlined technologies.
  2. Your pro-activeness is demonstrated here.
  3. (Gives a reason to your employer to be at rest assured that) you are not money minded.
  4. Shows that you’re career-oriented after all.
  5. Because of this disciplinary course of certification exam, you systematically gather greater, deeper, wider & better knowledge in a very small time which otherwise was not your cup of tea.
  6. Grooms you. Shapes you up. Excessive fat / rust is chiseled away.
  7. You are ready to face new challenges.
  8. You stand out from the crowd.
  9. Certification brings you a unique joy of success that boosts your confidence level.
  10. This sense of achievement stays with you for a life time.
  11. Trust of interviewer / employer is earned very easily.
  12. People respect you & your achievements. And that gives you deep satisfaction that can’t be acquired from elsewhere.
  13. Adds a feather in your cap. Curriculum Vitae gains extra weight.
  14. Saves you from hassle of speaking too much convincing about your abilities to people as your actions speak louder enough.
  15. You get a USP (unique selling point) for yourself so that your chances of being selected for the interview increases.
  16. Doors of many possibilities & opportunities for better future prospects open up instantly.
  17. Provides you motivation to do next certification in jobless situation & this gives the meaningful sense of continuity to your career & most importantly it prevents you from sinking into depression.
  18. Preserves that innocence of long lasting studentship in you which makes your personality radiant.
  19. Others get inspired by you.

How about it? Isn’t that good too?


Suppose you are the interviewer, given exactly 2 matching profiles lying on your table. One is of Mr. You1 & another of Mr. You2. The only difference is Mr. You2 is certified in relevant field whereas Mr. You1 is not. Given a choice to you as a recruiter, would you honestly not prefer to select Mr. You2 for a required job role for your company? Wouldn’t you want to upgrade yourself from Mr. You1 to Mr. You2 so that you reap all above benefits & much more?

Sadly, some people refrain from doing certifications because of various reasons:

  1. They fear failure & want guarantee to pass
  2. They don’t realise the importance of certification because they haven’t tasted that success yet
  3. They are lazy & are hardly self motivated. Status quo is their comfort zone.
  4. They’re unaware of a fact that every quarter new certified professionals are being churned out from institutes that soon will replace them.
  5. They do not want to spend money & they think they will save some.
  6. They want company to sponsor them & are foolishly willing to wait for infinite time
  7. They think having gained experience is enough & writing a certification exam is pointless
  8. They believe certification is only meant for inexperienced candidates to penetrate the market in the beginning. Once you’re experienced, you do not require it.

I say:

If you’re already experienced & feeling that confident then why is that certification not in your bag? Why not prove your confidence to you & others by earning that certification!

Don’t you want to stay ahead or else newly inexperienced but certified professional will take up your place at lower wages? You are not the only quick learner. If company can get work done from inexperienced but certified candidate with minimum training & that too offering lower wage, why would the company keep you? But if you are certified & experienced, the company might prefer keeping you. IT industry is the knowledge industry. Gone are the days when employee stuck with a company for a long time that made difficult for him to be replaced. It is not the scenario these days. In today’s time, people jump for better prospects. They learn, earn & run. So, when you are selected, consider that you have replaced someone, and one day same will happen to you too.

It’s not about money!!! Leave the thinking of money part to your employer who is a businessman. I’m sure he’s “somehow” better than you. That’s why he’s in position to hire you & not otherwise. You just think about your career. Mind it. It’s about your career. Doing injustice to your career baby will backfire in the coming time by when it is too late. After all, career says: “More you give, more you get back”. Nurture it, give fertilizer, water, care & invest in your career that will yield sweet fruits in the times to come.

Wake up! Make up mind for certification. Go get it! Carve the Mantra of “Student for a life time” in your heart. Ask every year; what certification exam am I going to write this year?

By the way, I was selected in that interview & that company gave me an ample of good opportunities including a short trip to USA. It also gave me a lot of company sponsored training in relevant areas. I enjoyed every single day of my work in that company & I still cherish my golden moments till date.


What do you think reader? Are you with me? Comments welcome.

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