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How to see God.

It is said; “The misery is an opportunity to go closer to God”. This is how it generally works.

यं  विषयमपि लषित्वा धावति बाह्येंद्रिय द्वारा । 

तस्या प्राप्तौ खिद्यति तथा स्वं  गतं  किंचित् ॥६९॥ [प्रबोध सुधाकर (श्रीमद आदि शंकराचार्यकृत)]

Whatever subjects after which our mind rushes riding on our senses, but when not achieved, the mind then develops distaste for those subjects & then somewhat turns inward towards the Self. [Prabodh Sudhakar, By Shrimad Shankaracharya]

Misery; like a kick, shakes you up from a sleep! Such repeated wake-up calls discover the vagueness of this world. Since vagueness doesn’t have much scope to offer for attachment, the detachment is established. Continued distaste causing lack of bonds don’t allow mental constructs to grow taller than ground level. (No cementing glue!) This is how the maintenance of detachment (seemingly, the first & foremost criteria to get close to God.) continues.

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