How to see God.

It is said; “The misery is an opportunity to go closer to God”. This is how it generally works.

यं  विषयमपि लषित्वा धावति बाह्येंद्रिय द्वारा । 

तस्या प्राप्तौ खिद्यति तथा स्वं  गतं  किंचित् ॥६९॥ [प्रबोध सुधाकर (श्रीमद आदि शंकराचार्यकृत)]

Whatever subjects after which our mind rushes riding on our senses, but when not achieved, the mind then develops distaste for those subjects & then somewhat turns inward towards the Self. [Prabodh Sudhakar, By Shrimad Shankaracharya]

Misery; like a kick, shakes you up from a sleep! Such repeated wake-up calls discover the vagueness of this world. Since vagueness doesn’t have much scope to offer for attachment, the detachment is established. Continued distaste causing lack of bonds don’t allow mental constructs to grow taller than ground level. (No cementing glue!) This is how the maintenance of detachment (seemingly, the first & foremost criteria to get close to God.) continues.

So far good. So come on now, show me God. Well, are you close enough? Close you WERE always. No matter how detached we feel from the world, yet we don’t see God for He’s too close to us to be seen. It’s like; “trying to watch your own eye with that eye”This is when you need a signal from a Guru, and he reveals the truth before you. And the truth is: “Actually, it’s rather the other way round. We don’t see God. God sees us“.

Truly realizing this truth, (that God sees us) makes us conscious upfront. Since the scenery (of the world) had smartly created itself borrowing your consciousness without your notice all the time, and now that you’ve recaptured it back for good, the scenery stops, leaving only you (seer of scenery) & God (who sees you).

GOD (watches) → YOU (watching) ⇒ The WORLD

द्वा सुपर्णा सयुजा सखाया समानं वृक्षं परि षस्वजाते । 

तयोरन्य: पिप्पलं स्वाद्वत्यनश्नन्नन्यो अभि चाकशीति ॥२०॥ [ऋग्वेद, १ / १६४ / २० ], [श्वेताश्वतर उपनिषद् ४/६/७], [मुंडक उपनिषद् ३/१/१]

Two friendly birds (Jiva i.e. us & the Lord) are settled on a tree (Body). While one (Jiva) enjoys the tasty sweet fruits of the tree, the other (Lord) merely watches him. [The Rig Veda samhita 1.164.20-22, Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.1-2, and Svetasvatara Upanisad 4.6-7] []

However, with the scenery gone, the seer now has no purpose, therefore it too dissolves, leaving nothing but God the absolute truth. This is what we call Singularity (or Non dualism).

प्रतिशिद्वे दगंशो ज्ञ: खमिवैकरसोद्धय:। 

नित्यमुक्त: सदाशुद्ध: सोहं ब्रह्मास्मि केवल:॥११॥ [उपदेश साह्स्त्री, श्रीमद शंकराचार्य]

Ego, intellect & mind has no relation whatsoever with the inner Self. Hence, what remains after subtracting those is, only the Seer (witness), who knows, is uniform like space, singular (non-dual), ever free, ever pure, experiencing only Brahman (God). [11, Upadesh Sahastri, Shrimad Shankaraacharya] 

Now, a doubt may arise: Won’t God too cease to exist just the same way how as the seer of the scenery ceases to exist? Well, who would know! Let’s try to find out.

No one can actually say that simply because there’s nobody to witness God’s non existence at this juncture.

नासदासीन्नो सदासीत् तदानीं नासीद्रजो नो व्योमा परो यत । 

किमावरीव: कुह कस्य शर्मन्नम्भ: किमासीद्गहनं गभीरम् ॥१॥ [ऋग्वेद १० / १२९ / १ ]

In the time of total destruction, there was neither untruth nor truth, there was neither this Universe, nor the skies, there was neither the Earth, nor the existence of any people. The space was not there too. Water wasn’t there too. Who was in what position? No one knows. [Rig Veda, 10/129/1]

Imagining is imperative for any creation. As the Universe too is a creation, someone has definitely imagined it. Since imagination is always spawned by some conscious entity, the consciousness obviously existed even before the Universe was created. The universal law that states “who is born, dies indeed“, is clearly Not Applicable to someone who is unborn (existing already before the creation). Therefore we call Him Immortal. Being immortal, He doesn’t cease to exist.

As we all know, more capable the person, less support / raw material / time he requires to accomplish anything. Extrapolating the graph of this theory provides us coordinates that indicate God’s complete capability, as He has created “Every thing (Universe)” from “Nothing” (no raw material whatsoever). That’s why we call Him Almighty. There is no reason stronger against Almighty to cause Him to cease. And hence, being almighty, He doesn’t cease to exist.

And lastly-
The reason why God doesn’t cease to exist is, the difference in seeing. You (we) saw scenery (The Universe) with the purpose, hence the scenery gone, the purpose gone, we’re gone. Whereas God sees you (us) with no purpose whatsoever.

निशिवेश्मनि प्रदीपे दीप्यति चौरस्तु चित्तम पहरती। 

इरयति वारयति चा तं दीप: किं तथात्मपि ॥१३७॥ [प्रबोध सुधाकर ]

The lamp burning in the night neither inspires nor stops the house breaking thief. Likewise, the inner Self only witnesses everything silently & dispassionately. [137, Prabodh Sudhakar]

Hence regardless of everything, He just IS. That’s why we also call Him absolute. Absolute is not relative. Thus, He might do any thing any way as He please. Which also means God may show up anyway anywhere anytime anyhow in any form (or with no form) to anyone. This is how, we can see God. 

You see?! We don’t see Him. He sees us. But yet, we can see Him (only when He shows up).

Just like a System.gc(); method call for Garbage Collector in Java [computer programming language] where you may make a call (invite) but execution of this method is up to the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). However, it is always a good practice to keep increasing our priority by being “more deserving” by living a simple & (mother Nature fitting) life (as mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures) flooded with principles, self disciplines & high morals

And if it is so, if God decides when to show up, then remaining detached (or attached) doesn’t really help much. In fact the feeling of being detached could  even dangerously be an eternal illusion. But being detached makes journey of your life a little bit easier & bearable till then.

Showing up without an invitation is hardly appreciated. More the VIP (Very Important Person), greater the invitation. Extrapolate again. Almighty, immortal, God needs the greatest invitation. The greatest ever invitation at its pinnacle is a gesture known as “Worshiping“. That’s why we should go to His divine & sacred place (Church / Temple / Mosque, etc…) & worship in our own limited simplest way to please Him so that He shows up.

यावन्न पश्येदखिलं मदात्मकं तावनमदाराधनातत्परो भवेत् । 

श्रद्धालुरत्यूर्जितभक्तिलक्षणो यस्तस्य दृशोहमहर्निशं हृदि ॥५८॥ [रामगीता, पंचम सर्ग, उत्तरकाण्ड, अध्यात्मरामायण]

(God speaks) Worship Me until the whole world appears as My form. So faithful and My believer sees Me in his heart always. [Ram Gita, 5th Chapter, Uttarkand, AdhyatmaRamayan]

Therefore, let’s pray.

हिरण्य गर्भ: समवर्तताग्रे भूतस्य जात: प्रतिरेक आसीत् । 

स दाधार पृथिवीं ध्यामुतेमां कस्मै देवाय हविषा विधेम ॥१॥ [ऋग्वेद (१० / १२१ / १)]

Every object that is created in this Universe belongs to the one and only Lord (Paramatman). Him only has assumed all skies and the Earth. Let us pray Him indeed with offerings. [RigVed, 10/121/1]

In a Nutshell:

  • Various miseries in life helps detach us from this world sooner or later for sure.
  • Detachment from the world indeed brings us closer to God.
  • Getting closer to God doesn’t necessarily allow us to see Him.
  • We need a Guru (Teacher) who reveals & makes us realize the truth.
  • What truth? that – God is absolute therefore independent of anything & everything. And, we don’t see God, God sees us. So, we can see Him only when He shows up. Then, oneness with God is achieved with all miseries permanently gone .
  • We don’t know when is that going happen.
  • Hence all we can do is, invite God by worshiping Him.
  • Let’s pray, let’s worship Him
  • Faithful & believer indeed sees God.


Most of the hymns in Vedas (that has highly influenced ancient Indian scriptures) appear to have been sung in appreciation of Him (God). Vedas are no human creation. What scriptures we have at present is nothing but a tip of an ice-berg for Vedas are endless ocean of knowledge, ever & self existing. 

The concept of non-dualism was first time put forward by Jagadguru Shri Aadi Shankaracharya in Bhãrãt (India) back in era between 788 CE – 820 CE,

Author – Anup Jani []

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