Attached yet detached


(Being spiritually so much inclined), How can one stay attached to the world?

After knowing that everything is Maya (an illusion that is neither real nor unreal thus, pointless), how do we keep up with everything around in our life? How do you stay put? What was effortless before; has turned so much awkward now, that you start asking yourself questions like: How do you plan? Why to plan? What motivation to use in the end to even carry out small daily routines? When everything is pointless, what should I work so hard for? We all know that even after turning into a Monk, the work doesn’t stop. So, how do you stay attached yet detached?


By being Lotus – That grows & stays in the mud yet unadulterated as the muddy water droplets merely slip away from over its surface.


How to put this theory into practice in real life?


Being Lotus is nothing else but to witness everything around you with no desire of your own. For example, you are attached (to some movie in a cinema hall) yet remain detached (not being inside the movie), only as the one who witnesses everything. We neither actually go & make changes in the story of that movie, do we? Nor do we get affected.


But, won’t just watching around will make you wandering around leaving you directionless in life?


You need not worry about the direction. Once settled within, you become the direction for everything & everybody around you. Things will come to you.


But how can you achieve great heights with no desire?


We have been nurturing a self proclaimed delusional notion since childhood that having a great desire (ambition) in mind is indispensable to achieve something remarkable in life. It’s not the desire that gets you there. Walking towards it gets you there. With this fresh attitude, you become free from a “feeling of compulsion to have any desire”. You will achieve great heights just by performing your duties in your best ways. No need to feel guilty about not having any ambition or desire.


But, with no purpose, no motivation, how do we do our best?


Our purpose is not to work for happiness. Happiness is resident in us already. Our purpose is to become free from the process where we mortgage our happiness to the outside situation. For e.g. When you yourself decide not to stay happy unless & until you have become something or achieved something. The sense of incompleteness within makes you do this. The Ego (nothing but a false self that occurs every time you try to seek your identity in your mind) does not allow you to feel complete. Because, despite no base in present, the Ego clings to the past (holding the identity) & future (promising the salvation) in order to sustain. The idea of promise of salvation fuels the thought of incompleteness making you lose your true Self that dwells in the present moment. Being with your true self, keeps you in the present moment which is devoid of pains & worries. Isn’t the peak performance done while at peace? Do you really need to worry about desire, ambition, purpose, happiness, direction & attachment now?


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